Inns are places that mainly appear in the Mario RPG games. Whenever Mario rests in an Inn, all of his HP and Special or Flower Points fully heal. In the Paper Mario games, they all fully heal his Star Power.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Inns first appear in this game. Inns can be found in most places. Inns can be identified with a little star in the front and they are usually found right near Item Shops. The Inn in Marrymore is notable for being the most expensive and if Mario doesn't pay the coins, then he must work it off. The Inn at Rose Town is also where Geno is brought to "life." There is also a specific Inn where Link is found sleeping before a certain point in the game, also if Link is jumped on he makes a sound from the Zelda series.

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario

Inns in this game are found in many levels. They fully heal Mario's HP, FP, and Star Power. The Inns in this game usually has a Toad Innkeeper with only the one in Star Haven having a Star Kid as an Innkeeper. The Inns in this game are also free of charge and in some areas, Mario is left with an item before he leaves. They are also referred to as "Toad Houses".

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Inns return in this game but with a few differences. For once, Inns now cost a certain amount of coins in order to use it. However, there are new items called Inn Coupons where Mario can use it to stay at an Inn free of charge. Many times, Mario is left with an item after he stays at an Inn. The Inn routine is different in Glitzville as Mario stays either in a locker room or the Champion's room and the resting is free of charge. Inns in this game can be noticed