In the Nick of Time is a minigame that appears in the game Mario Party 8.


A door is introduced and then opens when the camera goes into the door. The character that the player is controlling can be seen and then gets surprised by a loud noise. The character goes near to the clock as the minute and hour hands are moving in the same way and moving at random speeds, and then the mini-game starts. There will be lightly-faded and shaded hands in the clock and the player must move the hands to get to the area where the shaded hands are to get one point. There's also a clock in the middle screen where it shows where to center the hands at. The player can only move the minute hand in order to match up with the shaded areas. Once a player gets a point, all the other clocks in the other screen will freeze and the shaded hands will move to a random location in the clock. The player with three points will win and if all five rounds are up, the player that has the most points will win. However, if the five rounds are over and no one got a point, then the game will end as a tie.