Il Piantissimo is a character from Super Mario Sunshine who is a human who wears a Pianta costume. He will challenge Mario to race for different Shine Sprites around Isle Delfino. His running, jumping, swimming, and sliding style is the same as Mario's and Shadow Mario's but without F.L.U.D.D. He appears at the end of the credits in Super Mario Sunshine where it shows him standing right beside Bowser Jr.'s paintbrush on Gelato Beach.

Super Mario Sunshine

Gelato Beach

In episode five of Gelato Beach, he will challenge Mario to a race to the pole at the amphitheater. Mario must do this in under 35 seconds to get a Shine Sprite.

Noki Bay

In episode five of Noki Bay, he will challenge Mario to another race, this time to the flag waiting just outside of the wall rift in the west cliff. Beat his time to get a Shine Sprite.

Pianta Village

In the second episode in Pianta Village, he will challenge Mario to a race, again. This time, beat his time racing to one of the biggest trees in the town (with a flag) to get a Shine Sprite.


Maskless Il Piantissimo

Il Piantissimo unmasked

  • If the player hacks in and removes Il Piantissimo's mask, it resembles the face of the Running Man or the Postman from The Legend Of Zelda series.
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