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"A tough potato found in the Shiver Region. Restores 5 HP."
― Iced Potato, Paper Mario[1]

The Iced Potato (さむイモ Cold Potato?) is an item that appears in Paper Mario.


In Paper Mario, Iced Potatoes can only be obtained by sleeping in the Inn at Shiver City. On the next morning, an Iced Potato will appear on the nearby table. The Iced Potato only heals 5 HP and is considered useless at that point in the game but it can be combined with other items for much better healing items. For example, by cooking an Iced Potato and a Fire Flower together, the outcome will be Frozen Fries which heals 15 HP.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient = Result
Iced Potato + = Potato Salad
Iced Potato + Fire Flower = Frozen Fries
Iced Potato + Super Shroom = Bland Meal
Iced Potato + Volt Shroom = Bland Meal
Iced Potato + Life Shroom = Bland Meal
Iced Potato + Cake Mix = Bland Meal
Iced Potato + Coconut = Bland Meal
Iced Potato + Egg = Bland Meal
Iced Potato + Strange Leaf = Yummy Meal
Iced Potato + Dried Fruit = Yummy Meal


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