Ice Mario is one of Mario's transformations that was introduced in Super Mario Galaxy. He is the opposite version of Fire Mario who has appeared much earlier in the series. Mario requires an Ice Flower for this transformation.


Super Mario Galaxy

Mario first becomes Ice Mario in the Freezeflame Galaxy. He needs an Ice Flower to transform. The effect of the power is the ability to walk and skate on water and lava by freezing it, including vertical jets of water, and can wall-jump off of waterfalls. The person controlling Mario is required to shake to activate the skating power, but ice is always being generated. While you are skating if you jump, your jump is longer than normal and you spin in the air. It wears off after a set period of time, after which the flower reappears for collection again. The music gets faster and faster until it wears off. Ice Mario is needed to defeat Baron Brr of this level.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Ice Mario's second appearance is in this game. Now, Ice Mario's design has changed and instead of being completely made of ice, the color of Mario's clothes simply change to a light blue color. Now, Mario can launch ice balls that only freeze the enemies. However, Mario can pick up the enemy and throw it at others to defeat them. Mario can also freeze some tall enemies and use them as an extra platform to reach higher places. In some cases, this technique is needed to get some Star Coins.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Ice Mario only makes a cameo in this game whenever Mario uses an Ice Flower Sticker. Ice Mario can freeze enemies and, if they are defeated, they will crumble away in flakes of snow.


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