Hyper Clefts are enemies featured in both Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

These powerhouses are located along roadsides in both installments also. These creatures are the strongest of the "hyper" enemies, having high amounts of both offense and defense. Unfortunately, they lack in high HP values, having only 4 HP. These enemies also have a weakness toward earthquake attacks like the POW Block.


Paper Mario

These deadly enemies are found in Gusty Gulch, a desert-like area leading to Tubba Blubba's Castle. Mario finds a few of these enemies waiting near pits and cramped areas. These clefts, like regular ones, turn into rocks when unnoticed, making them quite sneaky.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Along the Twilight Trail, Mario finds various "hyper" versions of goombas, but it isn't until the end of the trail he finds this powerful beast. These creatures share the same weaknesses as their Paper Mario versions, so Mario knows how to easily defeat them, but there could sometimes be Amazee Dayzees with them as well. Like most enemies, these ones sometimes hold an item with them. An Earth Quake is the most common one of these found on a Hyper Cleft.

Battle Statistics

Paper Mario Enemy
Hyper Cleft
PM HyperCleft.png Max HP 4 Attack 3 Defense 3 (standing), 1 (flipped) Type Ground, Top-Spiky (standing), Ground (flipped)
Level 15 Strong Fire Weak None Moves Spike Charge (3), Charge Up, Missile-Charge (8), Struggle, Stand Up
Sleep? 40%, -1 Dizzy? 50%, -1 Shock? 50%, 0 Shrink? 90%, 0
Stop? 90%, 0 Fright? 30% (standing); 0% (flipped) Air Lift? 30% Hurricane? 30%
Coins 2 + 1-3 Items None Run 18 Location(s) Gusty Gulch
Tattle This is a Hyper Cleft. Hyper Clefts have more defense power than normal Clefts. Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 3 They sometimes charge their power before attacking. That charged attack will take away 8 HP, so watch out when they start to glow. It'll miss you if you can become transparent. Their defense power will fall to 1 if you use an explosion to flip 'em over. And in case you hadn't noticed, they have spikes up top! It'll hurt if you jump on 'em.