The Hurry-Scurry Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Whenever Mario steps on a shrinking tile, it will disappear within a few seconds. There is a planetoid with the shrinking tiles and a Black Hole in the center. Therefore, Mario or Luigi cannot afford to stay in one place for too long. There are also Music Notes that Mario must collect to get a Power Star.


Shrinking Satellite

Mario starts out on a small walkway that turns different ways. The beginning is a solid platform with a black hole underneath. The walkway turns into a twisting road of shrinking platforms with Star Bits, a Goomba, and a 1-Up Mushroom. It then ends at another solid platform with two members of the Toad Brigade. There is another shrinking platform to the left, with a Question Block above it, and a Launch Star beneath it. Mario will have to drop into the Launch Star, which will launch Mario to the next and final planet. This planet is completely made up of shrinking platforms. Once Mario lands, a trail of Music Notes will appear all around it. Mario will have to quickly pick them all up, or else Mario will fall into a black hole. Once Mario collects all of the Music Notes, a Power Star will replace the black hole. Mario must let the platform below him disappear to allow him to fall straight to the star.