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Humans are a recurring species that live on Earth. Many famous characters in the Mario series are human, however they don't seem to be as common as the other races (Ex: Toads, Koopas, Yoshis, Goombas, Bob-ombs, etc.). The majority of humans seem to inhabit large cities, such as Diamond City (which is also inhabited by other manner of creatures) and the vast New Donk City, with very few humans found anywhere else.

Humans are featured prominently in Super Mario Odyssey where they are from the Metro Kingdom, an urban domain inhabited entirely by humans, whose main industry is information and ads. Depending on which city within the kingdom they reside in, the humans citizens will be named after their respective city, such as people from New Donk City being referred to as "New Donkers".

Notable Humans

The following is a list of all the human characters in the games, this list also includes baby versions of characters. Also of note is that several characters mentioned have only been seen in the WarioWare series and the other majority are from Mario sports titles. This list also includes humans from the Smash Bros. series. Note that this list differs from the one on the template as that one contains only canon humans rather than ones from all the Mario media.

In Other Media

The humans in this section have only appeared outside of the Mario games continuity (such as in the movies, cartoons, animes and comics) and therefore may not be canon towards the main series.


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