Huff N. Puff is a large Puff species monster who appears in Chapter 6 location Flower Fields in Paper Mario. Bowser assigned him to do block the sun and stop Mario.


Initially, using Lakitus, Ruff Puffs, and other minions he takes over Flower Fields. Huff N. Puff uses a machine, guarded and operated by Magikoopas, to block the Sun's power from protecting and healing Flower Fields. Huff N. Puff is also a loyal servant to Bowser and guards one of the seven Star Spirits. Within the Flower Fields, Ruff Puffs, Huff N. Puff's main servants, are found all over. Using a machine to cause storms, Magikoopas destroy the spirit of Flower Fields, thus Mario comes and tries to stop him. Mario enters flower fields and, by the help of many flowers and plants, Mario gains access to various parts of Flower Fields and even Huff N. Puff's domain in Cloudy Climb. In the climb, Mario attacks Huff N. Puff and has a fierce battle.


The battle against Huff N. Puff can be very challenging. Huff uses many attacks that can mean serious trouble as well as a large HP total of 60. One of his attacks is a powerful gust that can injure both Mario and his partner. Mario can defend against this attack by repeatedly pressing A. Another attack he has is a deadly lightning blast. This blast requires him to charge the turn before, however. By using a swift defend, Mario can protect himself. When charging for this attack, Mario can't directly harm him because Huff is surrounded by lightning. Every time Mario injures Huff, Ruff Puffs instantaneously come out. Huff N. Puff, at any of his turns, can swallow the puffs and then gain HP. The HP he gains is factored by the number of Puffs he swallowed. Also, when Huff N. Puff's HP is real low, he will gather all of his Tuff Puffs and use a Body Slam-like attack that will damage Mario for the number of Tuff Puffs that aided him in the attack.


One easy way to beat Huff is to use the Ultra Boots that are obtainable in the Toad Town Tunnels. The can only be obtainable once Lakilister is in the crew, however. Using Power Bounce and Multibonk can deal massive damage easy. Zap Tap can prevent damage when jumping on Puff when Puff's charging. Using Scholar and Shooting Stars can easily defeat the Ruff Puffs so he can't heal as much. Using charge attacks and dealing one swift attack could also be done, so long as he doesn't kill Mario.


  • Huff N. Puff is similar to Cloud N. Candy from Yoshi's Story as they are both cloud bosses with "N." in their names.
  • Huff N. Puff's battle theme is called "Huffin and Puffin" a reference to his name.