The Hotel Delfino manager is a character that appears in Super Mario Sunshine. He is the one that runs and owns Hotel Delfino on Sirena Beach.


The Hotel Delfino manager is a pink Pianta that wears a blue shirt with a red jacket. He also wears glasses.


The Hotel Delfino manager is first seen in Episode 1 of Sirena Beach where he pleas to Mario to take down the phantom manta ray that caused Hotel Delfino to sink in the electric goop. Mario does so and the Hotel Delfino Manager awards Mario with a Shine Sprite. During the next set of Episodes from 2 to 5, the Hotel Delfino Manager asks Mario to help clear out the Boos from the hotel. Mario eventually finds the source of the Boos, King Boo, down in the basement of Hotel Delfino and defeats him. Finally during Episode 6, the Hotel Delfino Manager is in a panic that the electric goop suddenly appear again and asks Mario to clean up the entire beach in time. Mario does so and the grateful manager awards Mario with another Shine Sprite. For the next Episodes, the Hotel Delfino Manager allows Mario to enter Hotel Delfino anytime. Humorously, the manager is also the only Pianta in the game that can tell Mario and Shadow Mario are two different people.

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