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Hot Rope Jump is a 4-player mini-game appears in Mario Party and Mario Party 2.


The characters are located in a giant dark room full of Podoboos. The objective of this mini-game is to jump over a jump rope that consists of Podoboos. If a character touches the jump rope, they will be burned and eliminated from the game. The more rotations the characters will complete, the faster the Podoboos will spin the rope. In Mario Party, the character that gets burned by the jump rope first will automatically lose the game and must forfeit five coins to each character. However, in Mario Party 2, the remaining character that is standing will win the mini-game and earn ten coins. Another change in Mario Party 2 to this mini-game is that the Podoboos start off as blue flames instead of their usual orange color. As the more rotations the characters complete, the Podoboos will eventually turn orange. The orange Pododboos are larger than the blue ones.


  • A Button - Jump


  • A similar mini-game called All Fired Up appears in Mario Party 3.
  • This is only one of two mini-games which would have a "*Insert Character* Loses" result. The other one being Hot Bob-omb.