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Hot Bob-omb is a 4-player mini-game that appears first appears in Mario Party. It reappears as a battle mini-game in Mario Party 2.


In this mini-game, the four players must pass around a Bob-omb before it explodes on them. The player can hold the Bob-omb as long as they want until it gets close to exploding. The players can pass it to other players depending on the direction they are throwing. The player that is caught by the Bob-omb's explosion loses the mini-game and must give up 5 coins to each of the other winning players. In the battle mini-game version, the last player standing will win.


  • Control Stick - Choose direction
  • A Button - Pass Bob-omb
  • A Button (again) - Catch Bob-omb


  • This mini-game's name is a parody of "hot potato".
  • This is only one of two mini-games to end with a " *Insert Character* Loses" result. The other being Hot Rope Jump.
  • This is the only 4-player mini-game in Mario Party where one player loses to the other three players.
  • This is one of few mini-games from Mario Party to go from being 4-player mini-game in that game to being a battle mini-game in Mario Party 2. The other being Face Lift and Grab Bag.