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Hooktail is a dragon and boss that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorShe is fought at her castle during the events of Chapter 1.


She terrorizes Petalburg and kills many of the townspeople. Mario must defeat her to save some of the characters that she previously swallowed, including Kolorado's Father, Old Man Skoo, and Koops' dad.

Hooktail and her brothers, Bonetail and Gloomtail, once belonged as pets to the Shadow Queen.

When Mario, Goombella, and Koops came to her castle to obtain the first Crystal Star, the Diamond Star, they had to face her in combat. After a long battle, they defeated her and Koops' dad burst out of her mouth, saying that he survived in Hooktail's stomach by hiding in his shell.

Later on the game, when Mario and company visit Hooktail's lair, they find no trace of her. Goombella briefly ponders where did she go, but decides that her absence is a good thing.


Hooktail's sprite
Location Hooktail Castle
HP 20
Attack 5
Defense 1

In battle, Hooktail hits hard with her attacks. Her main attacks includes a firebreath attack that is similar to Bowser's, a stomp attack, and a bite attack. At one point, when all of her HP is gone, she will eat the crowd and recover half of her HP.


Hooktail is very weak to any cricket noises so equipping the Attack FX R badge is needed in this fight. The badge can be found in a cell in the room right before the black chest. Koops is needed in this fight as well as Goombella wouldn't even damage Hooktail that much. Also, at the point where Hooktail's HP is depelted for the first time, do not answer any of her requests or she will bite Mario for 5 damage.


Up in the Sky, It is a Dragon!

Up in the Sky It s a Dragon

What an Enormous Dragon!

What an Enormous Dragon

Dragon Slaying Battle

Dragon Slaying Battle


  • Hooktail resembles Valoo from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and her name alone may be a reference to Valoo's tail.
  • Hooktail is the only boss in the game who's main weakness is an equippable badge.
  • Hooktail can actually be defeated without equipping Attack FX R. However, this is difficult to do as one needs to master the Superguard to survive in the battle.
  • When Hooktail eats the crowd, she mainly eats the Toads that are sitting there. One fact that is that when the battle with Hooktail starts, the Toads will always be in that spot every time.
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