Hoohoo Village is a small village that is visited in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its remake. It is where Mario and Luigi first have their encounter with the Hammerhead Bros., Sledge and Mallet.


After defeating Tolstar, Mario and Luigi head through Hoohoo Village to continue heading for Beanbean Castle Town. However, a pathway down to the castle is blocked by Fawful forcing Mario and Luigi to find a way to get hammers. Fortunately, the Hammerhead Bros. are more than happy to make hammers for the famous Mario and Luigi but they need Hoohoo Blocks in order to do so. Mario and Luigi then head up Hoohoo Mountain to get the blocks.

Mario and Luigi also visit here for the last time to speak with Blablanadon to hitch a ride with him in order to access Bowser's Castle to for the final fight with Bowletta.