Hoo is a boss in Super Princess Peach. She is a giant owl who protects Hoo's Wood. To defeat her, Princess Peach must use the Joy Vibe to get above Hoo, and then land on the owl to be able to damage her.


In her battle intro, Hoo swoops down and snatches the Toad inside the bubble.

In the battle, Hoo hovers over Peach. She drops three eggs at a time, with baby owls; when you attack the egg, sometimes it pops out a bonus. While she swoops Peach should use the Joy Vibe to go over Hoo and jump on her.

When she is enraged, Hoo changes colors from dark green and light orange to periwinkle and plain yellow. She even pops out eight eggs to destroy the platform and fall down, while falling, Peach should use the Joy Vibe to fall gently go over Hoo. Hoo gives a chance to Peach, covering herself and turning into hue.

When she is finished of by Princess Peach, Hoo falls and lands on the ground and disappears in a whirlwind, which includes minor leaves.

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