The Honeycoupe is a heavy Kart in Mario Kart Wii. It is known as the Dragonetti outside of North America.


The Honeycoupe is unlocked by getting first place in the 150cc Lightning Cup or by playing 3,000 games.

Resembling an old Porche, the Honeycoupe has headlights in the front, rearview mirrors, and even a license plate with the driver's emblem. It slightly resembles the Parade Kart from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, especially Rosalina's Honeycoupe.


The Honeycoupe is a very heavy kart with great speed, drift, and mini-turbo.


The Honeycoupe has very low off-road and its handling and acceleration are also poor.


Wario drives a Honeycoupe as the expert staff ghost for DS Delfino Square Wario used by Nin☆TARO.


  • Speed: 74/100
  • Weight: 86/100
  • Acceleration: 25/100
  • Handling: 26/100
  • Drift: 76/100
  • Offroad: 15/100
  • Mini Turbo: 74/100
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