Holey Thicket is the eleventh level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Holey Thicket is similar to the previous levels being mainly a dense forest filled with poisonous lakes.


Mario continues his search for the Wiggler Segments. He finds it but unfortunately for him, two Bloopers take the Wiggler Segment away to a different level. Mario still has to get though the Holey Thicket battling more enemies. He eventually finds the Comet Piece and leaves the level.


  • Iron Jump (x3)
  • Shell (x2)
  • Hammer (x2)
  • Eekhammer
  • Shiny Jump
  • Shiny Hammer
  • Jump (x2)
  • POW Block
  • Shiny Mushroom
  • Hurlhammer
  • Shiny Fire Flower
  • Shiny Ice Flower
  • Shiny POW Block
  • Baahammer
  • Burnhammer


  • Bowser Tape scrap

Secret Exit

Mario must keep heading east from the first Comet Piece and defeat the Bloopers ganging up on the Travelling Toad. He then must go east again and jump into the poisonous lake which actually is a hole leading to a hidden room (as seen in the picture above). Mario eventually finds the Comet Piece and completes the level leading to the next level Whitecap Beach.


Mario should go back to Surfshine Harbor to get the last Wiggler Segment. Then, he should give it to the Wiggler finally completing him where the Wiggler will meet Mario at Whitecap Beach.