A Hobgoblin is an enemy that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Hobgoblins are undead enemies that can only be found in Kero Sewers. They are never found on the field but only in battles usually accompling other enemies such as Rat Funks.


In battle, Hobglobins usually attack with a physical claw attack. However, they are capable of using a move called Dark Claw which can poison a party member. They can also use a spell called Elegy which inflicts the silence ailment on a party member making them unable to use their special attacks.


Hobgoblins, being undead enemies, can be instantly taken out by using a Pure Water on them. However, if one wants to save their Pure Water, Hobgoblins are also weak to fire making one of Mario's fire techniques useful against them.

Special Moves

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