"Forwon toothree"
― Unidentified Goomba

Hither Thither Hill is the fourth level of World 1 in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is also known as World 1-4. 


Hither Thither Hills is also mostly a grassland level. It's most noticeable feature is the air-fan-like Windmill in the center of the stage. After entering the Windmill and down a Warp Pipe, the scene changes to a beautiful, glittering mines that is mostly blue in color.


After crossing Water's Edge Way, Mario and Kresti come along a quiet landscape. Mario notices the giant Windmill but cannot access it. Mario must go back to Decalburg and buy the Fan sticker and use Kresti's

Mario about to fight the Big Buzzy Beetle.

Paperize to finally get into the Windmill. He comes across a room with blocks that require a certain number in order to move forward. Mario has no choice to leave the Windmill and look for the password somewhere else. Mario eventually finds a crying Toad and agrees to ecort him back to Decalburg. After taking him back, the Toad awards Mario with a Mushroom Sticker and a unique hint. The Toad heard Goombas kept saying "Forwon toothree." Mario realizes this can be translated to the numbers "4123" and heads back to the Windmill to try in the password. After putting in the password, Mario enters down the Warp Pipe that appears in ends up underground. After Paperizing a Warp Pipe Scrap, Mario soon finds himself fighting a Big Buzzy Beetle. Mario uses the Battle Spinner move to defeat the Big Buzzy Beetle and as awarded with another Hp-Up Heart increasing his current HP even more. Mario heads a little further, finds the Comet Piece, and completes the level.



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