The Hightail Falls Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is the first galaxy in World 2 where Mario will find Yoshi. It introduces the Dash Pepper, which transforms Yoshi into Dash Yoshi. This galaxy has a lot of very steep walls that the Mario must steer Yoshi up. Yoshi uses his high-power jumping to clear long distances and high paths.

Yoshi dashing up a wall


Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper

When Mario arrives on the Starting Planet, he has to get Yoshi out of the Yoshi Egg by jumping on it. Mario must then ride Yoshi to the Dash Pepper and have him eat it to turn into Dash Yoshi so they can cross the slope and use the Launch Star at the end of it. After using it, both Mario and Yoshi arrive at the Giant Ramp Planet, where they must again collect a Dash Pepper to traverse the slope. The Launch Star is located on a platform to the right. After the Launch Star blasts the duo off, both Mario and Yoshi land on the Falling Platforms Planet. To get across, Yoshi has to eat a Dash Pepper again. The Launch Star can be found at the planet's end.

After using it, both Mario and Yoshi are led to the Double Slope Planet. Mario and Dash Yoshi must run across the slope to the other side while avoiding pegs. After crossing the bridge to the Left Turn Slope Planet, Mario and Dash Yoshi need to go up the slope and make a left turn at the top. After crossing a few flowers thereafter, Mario and Yoshi end up on the U-Turn Slope Planet, where Yoshi has to eat one more Dash Pepper. At the top of the planet, a sharp U-turn has to be made, the Power Star resides at the top right section of the bottom segment of the planet.

Hightail Falls Speed Run

The player repeats the Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper mission, but only with three minutes to complete it. Falling Meteors present throughout the mission act as obstacles for both Mario and Yoshi. As a result of the falling Meteors, pieces of platforms are missing and additional gaps are present. In this mission, Smeeches replace Paragoombas.

Silver Stars In Hightail Falls

This secret star is obtained by feeding the Hungry Luma thirty coins. After the Launch Star appears, the player needs to head to the new planet. There, five Kleptoads will be holding five Silver Stars, though there will be other Kleptoads as well. Yoshi can simply eat them, and the ones that are eaten with Silver Stars will drop the stars. The stars can be picked up by other ones though. Simply collect the five Silver Stars and the Power Star will appear.

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Green Star 3


  • The Speed Run Mission has meteorites falling from the sky as well as hole in the areas where they fall, however, when they hit actual ground, nothing happens.

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