Hidon is an enemy that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The Hidon is actually a Piranha Plant hidden inside of a treasure chest. The Hidon is one of the chest enemies that is encountered in the game.


Like with the other chest enemies, the Hidon is a very strong opponent having very high HP and attack at that point in the game. It is also immune to thunder, fire, ice, and all status ailments. The Hidon is also capable of using powerful spells such as Static E! and Flame Stone. However, it's most powerful move is Carni-Kiss which deals double physical damage to a single character which may defeat them in one hit.


The Hidon is only weak to Jump attacks making Mario's Super Jump very useful against the Hidon. Geno can also be used to raise the attack and defense of Mario making his Super Jump even more powerful while Princess Toadstool heals everyone to keep their HP high.

Special Moves

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