Hide and Sneak is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game from Mario Party 3.


Three players have to hide while the other tries to find them. The group of three uses the Joy Stick to hide, and the single player chooses a button and presses A to find the three players. If the lone player cannot find all of the players, the team wins the game. However, if the single player finds the three, the single player wins. Both opposing teams each have ten seconds to do so.

The group of three have four hiding spots to choose from: Mushroom House (down), Tree Stump (left), Stone (up), or Bush (right). The single player must guess the hiding spots by pressing the buttons on the blocks: the pink block for the Mushroom House, the yellow block for the Tree Stump, the blue block for the Stone, or the green block for the Bush.


Single Player

  • N64 Stick - Move
  • N64 A - Press button

Three Players

  • N64 Stick (hold in specific direction) - Hide

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