Hide and Go Boom Is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game from Mario Party 4. Its name is a pun on "Hide and Go Seek" (since the characters hide) and the explosion onomatopoeia "Boom!" since it uses cannons.


The solo player has a torch, while the team has five seconds to hide in any of four cannons, labeled A, B, X, and Y. The last button that any member of the team presses is the cannon they will hide in. The solo player then has three chances to eliminate the team by lighting the corresponding fuses leading to the cannon. If one or more characters are hiding in the cannon, they get shot off and are eliminated. The solo player wins if he eliminates the team, but the team wins if any are left remaining.


Single Player

  • GCN A/GCN B/GCN Y/GCN X: Light fuse

Three Players

  • GCN A/GCN B/GCN Y/GCN X: Hide in cannon
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