Not to be confused with a Brick Block

A Hidden Block is an Block found in the Mario series, These blocks can have random items (game dependant), There is no way to tell where is a hidden block (except by using a Block Sensor), since they are "hidden" in a random space on the board, They are in early Mario Party games, and Mario Party DS.


  • Coins: This is the most common content, and this is why some people mistake a "Hidden Block" as a "Hidden Coin Block", Some Mario Party games also have this as the "only content" in a "Hidden Block", A player can tell that the contents are coins, because when they are coins, the game asks to the player to hit the block repeatedly (Faster mashing, more coins), and when the block contains another item, they ask him/her to hit the block one time.
  • Star: This is the best content in a Block, and also one of the common contents, When there is a star, you only have to hit the block once, you don't have to pay for the Star, since it is found in a hidden block, you may get one in some games, but in others, there are only Coins.
  • Ztar: This content is very unlucky, it is not too common, but it may appear sometimes. A player with no Stars will not receive a Ztar from a Hidden Block. If a player (or a CPU) is unlucky enough to get one, it takes away a star from their star total, This only happens on Mario Party DS. First it looks like the block is going to show a star (as shows the message: "Hit the Hidden Block")
  • Item: These are found on early Mario Party games (Before the Orbs replaced the items), When you find the hidden block, it reveals a random, hidden item, it may be a cheap or a good item. In Mario Party DS, item Hidden Blocks appear rarely, and are yellow, with a picture of an item sack on them. They fill up the player's inventory with random items (but not Hexes).


  • In Mario Party DS, a hidden block may appear rarely yellow colored, with a coin in the center (just like the ones from a "Coin block hex"). These allow the player to hit the block for 10 seconds instead of 5, just like the Coin block hex. Also, Star block hidden blocks can appear as well, giving the player 1-3 stars.