Hexoskeleton is a boss mini-game appearing in the game Mario Party DS. It is first played in the Story Mode at the ending of the course DK's Stone Statue.


This game involves the player avoiding Dry Bones trying to heave bones at him/her. In the process, he/she must Ground Pound on a Magic Switch which has the fire symbol indicate which one to do. If the correct one is ground pounded, a pink spell comes out and electrifies Dry Bones. After this, two more is needed to be activated in order for the spell to work. The two flash up one by one. The first one flashing is the one that is needed to be activated first. A pink hex then floats in midair. Then, the second one has activation needed. This sends another electrifying spell at him. Then, three are needed to be activated by the player. Dry Bones also Ground Pounds as a new tectic. All three must be activated by the player once more for Dry Bones to crack apart and the player remain victorious.


As the name states, the name is a pun on exoskeleton and hexagon. Though, the board itself seems to be octogonal shaped. As the minigame involves magical spells, it is possible that the name also has the term "hex magic" in it.


  • D-Pad - Move
  • DS A - Jump
  • DS B - Punch
  • DS A 2x - Round Pound
  • L Button - Move camera left
  • R Button - Move camera right
  • DS X - Change view
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