Herringway is character that appears in Paper Mario.


Herringway is a dark blue Bumpty with thick eyebrows.


Herringway is a famous novelist that lives in Shiver City and is best friends with the mayor. Herringway's house is the middle one the eastern area of Shiver City. Herringway locks himself away in a secret room so that nobody disturbs him while he is writing.


Herringway was eventually found by Mario and his friends who they suspect that he murdered the mayor. Herringway is shocked to hear this and runs to the mayor's house to the scene. The Penguin Police Chief believes that he murdered the mayor and Herringway protests that he and the mayor were best friends. However, the mayor soon wakes up and it was revealed that he knocked himself out while trying to get a present for Herringway. Herringway gladly takes the present and leaves back for his house.


  • Herringway is a parody of Ernest Hemingway, who is another known famous author.