Herbert is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario.


Herbert is a Boo that lives in Gusty Gulch. When Mario and Lady Bow first arrive in Gusty Gulch, another Gusty Gulch Boo named Stanley informs them that Herbert was eaten by Tubba Blubba the other day. After Tubba Blubba has been defeated, Tubba Blubba releases all of the Boos he has eaten (with one of them being Herbert). Herbert can then be talked to later with him saying that one of his ancestors used to live in Tubba Blubba's Castle.


"That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. You know, I think it's possible for a ghost to be cute and scary at the same time. It all depends on the person they're scaring. What's cute to one may be horrifying to another. This Boo doesn't look that scary. He looks too nice."


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