Henry and Orville LM

Henry and Orville

Henry and Orville, the Twins

Henry and Orville, the Twin Brothers, are two portrait ghosts found in Area Three in Luigi's Mansion. Henry and Orville are the sons of Lydia and Neville and the brothers of Chauncey.

These brothers aren't fought in Area One like their family, they must be fought in Area Three. When Luigi first enters the Twin's Room room, it is empty. To make the twins appear, you must spin the toy helipcopter on the ceiling. The twins say they want to play hide-and-seek, so Luigi must wait outside for them to hide.. When Luigi re-enters, both were hiding in one of five boxes. Using his Poltergust 3000, Luigi realizes on of the brothers would shiver when his box was vacuumed or when an element was blown out, which is a giveaway in which box they're in.

After finding them, the twins accused Luigi of cheating and seal the door. Henry then rides in a car, and Orville in a plane. To make them vulnerable, Luigi has to suck their vehicles up, defeating them one at a time. The easiest way was to first suck up the car and Henry while avoiding Orville as his plane dropped small bombs. After defeating the twins, Luigi receives Mario's Shoe.


  • Their names are references to people famous for inventing vehicles. Henry's name is a reference to Henry Ford (person famous for creating early car's and founder of FORD) and Oriville's name is a reference to Oriville Wright (person famous for creating the first airplane along with his brother, Wilbur).
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