The Heavy Zest is a boss that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is one of the Hooraws that must be fought in order to obtain a Hooraw Medal to see Big Massif.


Heavy Zest is a Hooski that wears orange clothing. He also has a smiling face.


The Heavy Zest is a balanced Hooraw, with his defense and power being the second highest, but his speed and defense being the second lowest.

The battle conditions for Heavy Zest is that Mario must defeat him and his minions in three turns.


  • Charge/Jump: Heavy Zest will charge at Mario. The player must watch the background where the crowd of Hooraws are at. It the Hooraws jump low, Heavy Zest will charge right through Mario requiring him to jump to avoid damage. If the Hooraws jump high, Heavy Zest will jump over Mario not requiring him to jump.


Luiginary Attacks are the key to winning this fight. Mario should avoid taking any damage to not waste a turn healing. Keep in mind that Heavy Zest will only faint if you drain his health before defeating his minions, take them out as well.


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