The Heart Point logo as it appears in the start menu in Paper Mario are commonly referred to as Health Points, Hit Points, or HP. As a fundamental feature of the Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, and Super Mario RPG series, it is a measure of how much damage Mario or any other playable character can take before he or she faints.

In Paper Mario series

Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario begins either game with 10 HP. After each Level Up, he may choose to increase his maximum HP by 5.

Additionally, he may choose to use certain Badges. For each HP Plus badge that Mario has equipped, his maximum HP will increase by 5, but at a cost of 3 BP. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario can equip the HP Plus P badge to increase his Partner's maximum HP by 5, but at a cost of 6 BP each.

Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario starts the game with 10 HP. He will gain 5 HP for every even level that he reaches. On the other hand, his Attack and his Partners' Attack power will increase by 1 for every odd level that he reaches.

Just like in the previous two games, Mario can equip an HP Plus badge to increase his maximum HP by 5.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario starts the game with 20 HP. Instead of using HP Plus badges, the game uses items known as HP-Up Hearts. (Each item increases Mario's maximum Hp by 5.)

In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

MRKB Health Points.png

The Health Point appears as a stat in Kingdom Battle which is represented by a blue heart icon.



  • The Pokémon series uses the same concept. In the games, HP is referred to as "Hit Points."