"Carpaccio used the financial might of his company to develop a morphing technology that turned him into an enormous blue head. Neat, no?"
Wario: Master of Disguise in-game description.

Head Honcho Carpaccio is a boss that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. He is the transformation of Carpaccio after he fuses with three Sir Lance-A-Lots. Carpaccio takes this form when Wario becomes a threat to his quest for stealing the Wishstone pieces and proceeds to eat Wario. He is also the boss of Sneezemore Cave.


In the battle, Head Honcho Carpaccio has four switches inside of him that must be pressed. However, they are first surrounded by electricity. Carpaccio's first attack involves summoning two snowballs where one is flashing and the other one isn't. Wario must transform into Genius Wario to spot the flashing snowball then quickly change into Cosmic Wario to hit it before he himself gets damaged. Shooting the correct snowball will cause the electricity around the switches to deactivate.

Afterwards, Head Honcho Carpaccio will attack with ice stalactites that can hit Wario rather easily. Wario can simply transform into Dragon Wario to melt the flames. To win the battle, Wario as Arty Wario must draw blocks onto the switches to press them. After doing this four times, Head Honcho Carpaccio will be defeated and will turn back to Carpaccio. Carpaccio will then flee, allowing Wario to take the second Wishstone piece.

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