Harry's Shop is a location that appears in Paper Mario.


It is located in the southwestern area of Toad Town and can only be accessed after completing Chapter 1. The shop is run by Harry to take greats pride in his work and is one of two Item Shops in Toad Town with the other being Shroom Grocery. However, Harry's Shop sells better and more expensive items than Shroom Grocery. During Chapter 4, Mario has to head into Harry's Shop in order to get the Toy Train from the storage room. However, Mario must get back the Storage Key from in Shy Guy's Toy Box first.


Image Item Price
Stone Cap Stone Cap 30 coins
Dizzy Dial Dizzy Dial 15 coins
Thunder Rage (Paper Mario) Thunder Rage 20 coins
TastyTonicPM Tasty Tonic 5 coins
Volt Shroom (Paper Mario) Volt Shroom 10 coins
SuperShroomPM Super Shroom 20 coins
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