Hariet is one of the Broodals that can be fought in Super Mario Odyssey. Her name comes from "hare" and is sometimes given as Harriet. In the main story, she is fought in the missions "Inverted Pyramid Showdown" and “Big Broodal Battle” (along with the other Broodals.)


Judging from her Dark Side Kingdom Brochure Bio, Hariet is not as predictable as the other Broodals are. She masters in pyrokinesis, apparently. She is also shown to be devious as the last few lines describe her as such with spare explosives with her yet she is also reckless filling her hat with these explosives. Her bio also states that her bombs were "homemeade".


Inverted Pyramid Showdown

Harriet is fought first on the Inverted Pyramid. In the battle, she is wearing a spike helmet, preventing Mario from jumping on her, and tries to throw bombs at Mario. Mario must use Cappy to reflect the bombs back at her to remove her spike helmet, so she can be stomped on.

After being jumped on, Hariet will fly around in a saucer fashion, laughing maniacally, while dropping down many of bombs, which will leave little lava puddles after their detonation, before finally landing and resetting the cycle. After her being finished off, she becomes stunned and collapses.

Bowser's Kingdom

In this battle, Harriet has two braids, so she can throw two bombs at once. The battle is otherwise the same, and is repeated on the Dark Side.

Dark Side Brochure Information

Hariet, Pyrotechnics

It's best not to get her mad.

The least predictable of the Broodals, Hariet is most often found throwing bombs with her hair. When her homemade bombs explode, they leave a pool of fire on the ground, so try knocking them away before they explode. While it may seem reckless to have filled her hat with bombs, Hariet is devious and keeps a lot of spare explosives with her, so watch out!


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  • Along with Topper, she is one of the members of the Broodals who starts panicking after their hat is knocked off. However, she does not do this during Phase 1.
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