Harhall is a minor character that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He is a clothes designer and is known for being harsh toward his employees. He is always seen at his studio.


Harhall is an Beanish character that wears glasses. He also wears a camera around his neck. He is very slim and like most beanish people has blonde hair. he wears pink lipstick and pink horn rimmed glasses.


Needing a Beanstar piece, Mario and Luigi follow the map to Harhall's Studio where they notice people leaving complaining about drinking too much water. Harhall then notices Mario and Luigi and agrees to hand over the Beanstar piece if they can design three different clothing designs for him. The Mario Bros. successfully do so and Harhall hands over the Beanstar piece. later if mario and luigi return they can design more clothes in exchage for beans and harhall's pants.


  • Harhall's name may come from the word "harsh" which describes his aggressive personality and how he treats his employees by always yelling at them.
  • Harhall has been mistaken by players as being female.