Handy Hoppers is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 5.


Handy Hoppers takes place on the palm of a giant white glove. Various floating hands can be seen in the background doing different hand gestures. The characters will work in teams of two and participate in a game that is similar to jump roping. One character will spin the bar that is held in the air by a pair of gloves, while the other character will be jumping over the bar. The player that is spinner the bar will be able to adjust the speed of the bar by pressing the L and R button at the same time. The faster they spin the bar, the faster the jumper will have to jump. If the jumper stumbles over the bar, then they will be stunned and unable to jump for a few seconds. The team that records the most jumps at the end of thirty seconds will win the mini-game.


Player jumping

  • A Button - Jump

Player turning

  • L Button>R Button - Turn