Handling is a stat in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. It represent the capacity of a kart or bike to make small turns. The higher the handling is, the better the turns are. The use of handling will cause the vehicle to slow down, although the loss of speed is less noticeable in vehicles with a high handling stat. The handling stat should not be mistaken for Drifting (also known as powersliding), which represents the kart or bike's ability to take sharp turns (accompanied by sparks and a Mini-Turbo). This is especially important since most vehicles have either high drift and low handling (such as the Wild Wing or Flame Runner), or high handling and low drift (such as the Wario Bike and Booster Seat). However, there are some exceptions that have both good drift and good handling, most notably the Quacker.

Karts With Good Handling

Bikes With Good Handling

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