The Gusty Garden Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is resemblant to a garden from the Mario series in the sense that it hosts a plethora of deadly plants and wild animals and many a grassy planetoid scattered throughout the galaxy. Mario can utilize a Floaty Fluff to fly across the galaxy. Star Bunnies appear in this galaxy. Several of the many planets within the galaxy resemble apples. The boss of the galaxy is Major Burrows.


Bunnies in the Wind

Mario must catch a Star Bunny to obtain the Power Star.

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The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows

Mario starts in a planet with giant flowers. They are useful only when you shake the Wiimote at the best moment, which will give him higher level for accessing next planets, or either, he'll die. Then he has to make a giant worm climb to giant apples, then collect a 6-Energy Power-Up as a hidden item. Then he can fight Major Burrows. It's just for Ground Pounding beside Major Burrows then spin. Repeating it two other times will defeat him, but the last hit has to be made twice.

Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble

The player starts like everytime. After he finished traveling, he has to gather five Star Chips, then take the Launcher once completed. When reached, a strange zone will welcome the player. It's constituted of gravitational arrows he has to spin on. When done, a barrage of missiles is the final guard before the Power Star, stuck in an ice block which needs 2 spins to be destroyed.

Major Burrows' Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet in Orbit)

This mission is only accessible, unless already completed, when a Daredevil Comet is in orbit.

Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube (Purple Comet in Orbit)

This is a Purple Coin mission. It is only accessible, unless already completed, when a Purple Comet is in orbit.

The Golden Chomp

Same as Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble, but the player got to collect all the ? marks in order to make a Rainbow Star appear. Then he has to destroy a Golden Chomp available in the before-last planet part.


  • The music that plays in this galaxy is an arrangement of the main Super Mario Galaxy theme.