Gulpits are enemies featured in the Paper Mario series.

They are found only in the Shiver Region, meaning throughout Shiver Snowfield and Shiver Mountain. These large monstrosities focus their attacks with their tongue. So long as there are rocks lying around, they will swallow one and spit it out right at Mario. This can be a large sum of damage, but the damage Mario receives matters on the type of rock. Once there isn't a rock, they will walk up to Mario and lick him dealing a very low amount of damage.

Battle Statistics

Paper Mario Enemy
PMGulpit Max HP 12 Attack 2 Defense 0 Type Ground
Level 22 Strong None Weak None Moves Large Rock Spit (7), Small Rock Spit (5), Lick (2)
Sleep? 60%, 0 Dizzy? 90%, 0 Shock? 80%, 1 Shrink? 75%, 0
Stop? 85%, 0 Fright? 70% Air Lift? 50% Hurricane? 50%
Coins 1 + 1-4 Items Pebble, Super Shroom Run 24 Location(s) Shiver Snowfield, Shiver Mountain
Tattle This is a Gulpit. Whoa! Gulpits look pretty burly, don't they? Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0 Gulpits attack by picking rocks up in their mouths and then spitting 'em back out. The bigger the rock they spit, the more damage you'll take. Big rocks take 7 HP in damage, and small ones take 5 HP. They can't do much damage without ammo, so you should concentrate on the rocks first.


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