Guffawha Ruins is a location in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is located to the east of Teehee Valley and at the bottom of Hoohoo Mountain and, through the first time, can be only accessed by one person.


After Mario has been infected with Bean Fever from eating a foreign mushroom, Luigi has been sent to Guffawha Ruins to get the Crabbie Grass. However, Luigi first had to be hypnotized into thinking he's Mario because of a horrible monster that lives there. Luigi goes through many trials until he meets up with the "monster". The monster is angry that many people tell lies about it and requests Luigi to help him relieve his anger. Luigi does so leaving the monster pleased and allows Luigi to get the Crabbie Grass.



  • For unknown reasons, when the player tries to re-access this area after completing it, the doors will be locked and there is no way to open them.
    • This is probably due to the fact that the single-bro puzzles will probably have odd side-effects with both Bros; however, there are ways to get back in through hacking the game, which is by taking the Yellow Warp Pipe in Little Fungitown.
  • This area (alongside Woohoo Hooniversity, Stardust Fields, and Oho Oasis) are the only areas not explored in Minion Quest.