"Why does everybody ssspread rumorsss they know nothing about? That makesss me fffuriousss!!!"
― Guffawha Monster

The Guffawha Monster is a minor character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It appears to be the guardian of Guffawha Ruins and is a rock-like creature.


The Guffawha Monster is first seen right before Luigi obtains the Crabbie Grass. The Guffawha Monster then appears and tells Luigi he is angry the people are making rumors about it being a blood-thirsty monster. The Guffawha Monster then asks Luigi to help it relieve his stress by jumping over its flames for thirty seconds. Luigi does so and the Guffawha Monster is pleased and opens the way to the Crabbie Grass.


  • The theme song that plays during the Guffawha Monster's mini-game is the boss theme song for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Though, technically, the monster doesn't count as a boss.
  • The way the Monster leaves after the minigame is done is different in both versions of the game. In the original, he fades after opening the way to the Crabbie Grass whereas in the remake, he poofs away after opening the gate.