A Guardian Shroob is a white Shroob with blue spots. During the Shroob conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom, Guardian Shroobs were assigned to protect the halls of the Shroob Mother Ship. Guardian Shroobs generally aid other Guardian Shroobs in battle.

In battle, a Guardian Shroob could call a fellow Guardian Shroob to aid in its attack. The two Shroobs will approach the Mario Bros. and fire two very quick energy blasts from their ray guns, one for each Mario brother. To dodge this attack, Mario and Luigi can simply Jump over the energy blasts. They can also attack by themselves, just like an ordinary Shroob.


  • HP - 81
  • POW - 90
  • DEF - 90 (92)
  • Speed - 59
  • EXP - 90
  • Coins - 9


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