The Guard Door is a character and object that appears in the game Paper Mario.


The Guard Door is a large grey door that resembles Bowser's face.


There are three Guard Doors that guard certain areas in Bowser's Castle. The first Guard Door manages to lure Mario into a trap that leads him down to a jail cell. The Guard Door, however, tells Mario if he can make it back to that location, then it will let him through (though it is very confident Mario won't be able to make it back). Thanks to using his own and his partners abilities, Mario manages to make it back to the Guard Door and it reluctantly lets him through.

When Mario and co. make it to the next Guard Door, they must answer it's questions correctly. The Guard Door will send some enemies out of three smaller doors and Mario must be able to guess which number of enemies came out or what there were more of to move on. There are five questions in total and Mario must answer more right than wrong (meaning he must answer at least three questions correctly) or he will have to fight three Anti Guys. If Mario gets the answers right, the Guard Door will let him through.

The third and final Guard Door doesn't have any traps or questions but offers a challenge to Mario. He then summons the Koopa Bros. and tells Mario he must defeat them in order to pass. The Koopa Bros. claim to be even stronger than before and Mario will lose but, before they could do anything, Jr. Troopa comes out of nowhere and knocks away all four members of the Koopa Bros. Jr. Troopa himself then challenges Mario into a fight in their place but gets defeated in the process. The Guard Door gets confused as he wanted Mario to fight the Koopa Bros. but Mario defeated the guy (Jr. Troopa) who defeated the Koopa Bros. The Guard Door allows Mario to pass and it was that Guard Door that guarded the way to Princess Peach's Castle.


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