Not to be confused with Ground Pound, a mini-game from Mario Party.

The Ground Pound is an attack on Mario games, it involves the character performing the move to slam their rear end into the ground from up in the air. It was first used by Wario in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and become a staple of mainstream Mario games since Super Mario 64, the game in which it was first used by Mario, and has been implemented in 2D platformers as well, in New Super Mario Bros. and all subsequent New Super Mario Bros. titles. In Super Mario 64 DS, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and Wario are able to perform the move. Ground Pounds also enable the character to squish multiple enemies in one move, especially if they are in stacks.


Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is the first Mario game to feature the Ground Pound, in Mario's Castle after you get through the level, you fight Wario who tries to charge at you and use the Ground Pound in the 1st round, which shakes the entire screen and makes the lambs fall onto Mario.İn the 2nd round when Wario gets the Carrot.He alters his Ground Pound by after jumping, he glides and when Mario gets under him, he Ground Pounds from the sky and has the same functions as the fight before, although in the 3rd round he doesn't alter his Ground Pound, it's basically the same as his 1st round Ground Pound but it doesn't make lambs fall.

Wario Land Series

Wario Land is the first game where you can use the Ground Pound in gameplay by Wario. A Ground Pound can destroy blocks below you, one shot most enemies and damage some bosses.

Changes Between Games

in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, you can only Ground Pound when you have the Bull pot, but at cost it shakes the entire screen and make most enemies helpless.

in Wario Land II, you can finally use the Ground Pound without any powerup or help, although this time it doesn't shake the screen.

in Wario Land 3,at first you can't Ground Pound but when you get the upgrades from the Golf Minigame. You can get a weaker Ground Pound and when you get the 2nd upgrade, its the same as the Wario Land II version of the Ground Pound.

in Wario Land 4, it's pretty much the exact same as the Wario Land 2 version, but when you fall from a Decent high height, Wario's Ground Pound gets a Flashy effect, and it can Break Hard Blocks. In Wario Land: Shake It!, it's Pretty much the Exact same as the Wario Land 4 version.

Yoshi's İsland Series

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was the 2nd game to include the Ground Pound where it's one of Yoshi's Signature moves. It pretty much Function's like Wario's in Wario Land II but it has a wind-up in the beginning of the move, and it breaks more Blocks under Yoshi. All of the other Yoshi games after Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island function the exact same as the first game.

Super Mario 64

Mario ground pounding in Super Mario 64

​​​​Super Mario 64 is the first 3D game where you can Ground Pound. Ground Pounding can destroy small enemies, lower wooden poles, and break blocks.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Mario ground pounding.

In Super Mario Galaxy, when the player Spins while in the air, immediately afterward, do a Ground-Pound. If done correctly, Mario or Luigi will hone in on the nearest breakable thing, and Ground-Pound it. He can also perform a normal ground pound by pressing A and when jumping.

Mario Party series

Yoshi ground pounding.

In the Mario Party series, Ground Pounding is an attack that is used in many mini-games involving enemies, switches, etc. The move can break or activate blocks from underneath, the opposite effect of a normal Jump. It is sometimes the only way to defeat an enemy, or complete a task, and is usually more powerful than a regular jump. The Ground Pound is a common move that any playable character can use. In the Mario Party, this move is named the Hip Drop mainly because there is already a mini-game with the title of Ground Pound.

In Mario Party 9, the ground pound was normally used in mini-games, Fungi Frenzy, Whomp Stomp and Wiggler Bounce.

Paper Mario series

In Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario is able to use the Ground Pound after he has received the Super Boots. Mario can also break away wooden pegs on the floor in order to get into simple rooms. In these games, this move is named the Spin Jump.

In Super Paper Mario, Mario, Bowser or Peach must find Thudley in Chapter 3-2. Mario will be trapped after entering the door. Mario must defeat the enemies to rescue Thudley. The player can press One Button to control Mario to ground pound with Thudley.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario can only use the Ground Pound in Luigi's Dream World along with Dreamy Luigi. Where Mario must then from the Luiginary Stack and then the player must press B twice to use the Ground Pound.