Grombas are rock-like Goombas that appear as enemies in the game Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. They are the first normal enemies to be encountered in the entire game. They are not very powerful and their stats are low compared to other enemies. They are usually found in Pi'illo Blimport and near Pi'illo Castle.


Grombas appear to have a rock for a head with a hole at its center for their eyes to see. They also has grass on top of their head and rocks for feet. In the game, they appear to have tendencies to trip while roaming. They don't often chase Mario and Luigi upon sight as much as the other enemies. Their dream-world counterpart is Dromba.


Grombas attack in two ways: After running up to Mario or Luigi they'll start tripping and roll towards them, or they'll dig out a rock with their feet and kick it towards the bros. Both attacks can be avoided and/or countered by jumping.

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