The Grobot is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Grobot was originally a watering robot invented by Brickle. However, one of the broken fountain pieces hit his head and it starts to go psycho in Wakeport. Grobot then attacks everyone in sight. Mario and Luigi have no choice but to fight and defeat it.


Grobot is a large, blue robot with two eyes and a mouth. It also has pipes as arms and three wheels for feet. It's face also resemble's a Snifit's.


In battle, the Grobot mainly attacks Mario and Luigi with water bubbles. It can also chase Mario and Luigi from the background while launching water bubbles at them.


  • Water Bubble Spit: Grobot stands in front of one of the bros. and attack them with water bubbles that can be large of small.if is small the bros. has to jump however if is large the bros. had to just stay stationed has the attack will miss.Grobot can also fill a bubble so high that can explode on it.
  • Robot Ram: Grobot goes off screen(on the back) and returns running to ram on Mario or Luigi.The Bros. has to use their hammers to counter the attack and deal damage on Grobot.
  • Robot Chase (Water Bubble Hurl): Grobot starts chasing the Bros. on the background while shooting water bubbles.When Grobot is close enough he might hit a rock and deal damage for himself. While dodging attacks with no damage, as a result, Grobot bumps to a rock that it can't jump over.


This battle can be easily won by using the recently picked up Shell Bros. Attacks to deal damage to the Grobot. The water bubbles can be easily done by watching the Grobot carefully.


Location HP Power Defense Speed Weakness Experience Coins Item Drop(s) No Hitter World
Mushrise Park 7 288 58 54 26 250 75 So-So Hammer (100%) (Rare) -- Real




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