Superstar Saga Enemy
Gritty Goomba (1)
Gritty goomba-teehee
Location(s) Teehee Valley
Level 21
HP 30
POW 72
Defense 70
Speed 60
Experience 30 (25)
Coins 4
Item Drop Nut – 9.68% (Syrup Jar - 12.9%)
Mushroom – 25.81% (Super Nut - 9.68%)
Fire Normal
Thunder Normal
Jump Spiny
Hammer Normal
Hand? Normal
Stun? 60%
Burn? 30%
Stat Down? 100%
  • Stats in the parentheses are from the Japanese version and differ from American and European versions.
  • Stats in gray are found in the game's coding and unavailable during the "normal" gameplay.

Gritty Goomba is an enemy found in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga that appears in Gwarhar Lagoon and Teehee Valley. They appear to be covered in cloth and are brown or sand colored with a red or green flag with a spike on top of their heads, depending on their location. When these enemies try to ram into Mario and Luigi, the Mario bros. can counter them with a hammer.

They, along with Spiky Snifits, attack Princess Peach as she tried to cross Teehee Valley to Little Fungitown and the Mario Bros. must save her from these enemies. If they fail, Peach goes down a Warp Pipe to a secret hideout on which Mario and Luigi can hack into to save her. They were mysteriously replaced by Anuboos after gaining the first piece of the Beanstar but still appear in battles.

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