Grindels (ドンカク Donkaku?) are enemies that are found in the pyramid of Shifting Sand Land of the game Super Mario 64 and its remake.


Grindels are essentially mummified versions of Thwomps, but not quite. Grindels have evil grins do not change their facial expression. They have large, dark, raised eyebrows, bead-like dark blue eyes, and huge grins that widely show their yellow teeth. Unlike most Thwomps, Grindels are rectangles with their longer side on the floor. They have black borders on their top and bottom. They move in different patterns as Thwomps as well. Where a Thwomp simply moves up and down, a Grindel moves forward and backward too and also turns when it reaches the end of its stomping area.


  • Grindels can be found in the Mario Party mini-game Lava Tile Isle.
  • In Super Mario 64, there is one cylindrical Grindel that rolls along the floor called a Spindel.