Grifty is a character that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Grifty lives in Rogueport and can be found on top of a roof on the east side of Rogueport that can be accessed once Mario obtains Yoshi as his partner. Grifty is well known for telling tells of the Four Heroes that stopped the ancient demon using the Crystal Stars. Grifty will tell each new tale for the price of 10 coins but they become free once they are listened to.

Grifty's Tales

This is a list of all of Grifty's tales. Take note they are quoted since Grifty speaks them himself.

The Fearsome Demon

Ages ago, a city flourished in peace in splendor, but it was destroyed in a single day by a demon from the dark beyond. Historians claimed a great calamity befell the city, but nay... t'was a demon. The city sank below ground, and one-quarter of the old city became the demon's den. The demon put fear into the hearts of all men and sent out minions to take the land. And it's den, it's palace, grew rich in with the treasures stolen from all over the world.

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