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A Green Shell is a green Koopa Troopa shell that can be used as an item in different Mario games. They are either used as projectiles or ridden as a means of transportation. There also exist Red and Blue Shells.

Super Mario series

In games such as the Super Mario Bros. series and Super Mario World, Green Shells are found on Green Koopas; these, when jumped on, withdraw into their shell. When jumped on, the shell moves along the ground, defeating most enemies and bouncing off walls, and activating any Question Blocks it slides into from the side. It disappears only when it moves a certain distance off-screen.

Koopa with green shells will fall of an ledge when they get to the end of one, this is different from Red Shelled Koopas, whom will turn around and begin walking the opposite direction when reaching a ledge.

Super Mario 64

In Super Mario 64 (and Super Mario 64 DS), Green Shells can be found in Exclamation Blocks and ridden. They allow Mario and other playable characters to ride over the surface of lava, water and sinking sand as well as normal surfaces, and can be ridden up relatively steep slopes. While using it, the player can defeat most enemies by coming into contact with them. The shell breaks if it hits a wall, and can be broken by the player while on the ground at the press of a button.

Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, Koopas are found wearing Green Shells; harming them allows Mario or Luigi to pick up and throw the shell. It harms enemies and breaks upon coming into contact with anything solid.

In Mario Kart series

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The Triple Green Shell item in the Mario Kart series.

The Green Shell in the Mario Kart series is also thrown, either backwards or forwards, and bounces off walls. It breaks when it hits a racer, and sometimes it breaks when it hits walls. In this series, the Green Shell can also be obtained in a set of three, an item known as the "Triple Green Shell", which, when used, constantly circle the racer and can be launched one by one. The Green Shell has appeared in every single Mario Kart game. Also, the triple green shell in Mario Kart Tour specifically is the special item of Iggy, Koopa TroopaDry Bones, and Lakitu.

In Mario & Luigi series

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the Green Shell is a Bros. Item that is used as a weapon against enemies. At least two bros. are required to use the item. When the item is chosen, one of the brothers will kick the Shell towards the foe(with DS A.png,DS B.png,DS X.png or DS Y.png that represent that bro.). It will then bounce off the enemy, cause damage, and come to the other player. After each kick, the shell starts moving faster along the ground. The brothers can then repeat this until the player misses a kick, the enemy is defeated, or sixteen successful hits are dealt; in any one of these cases, the Green Shell disappears. When the adult and baby Mario brothers fight together, the babies can sit over the shell and spin upon hitting the enemy, causing extra damage to the foe(with DS X.png or DS Y.png with baby Mario or baby Luigi respectively).

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, it is the first Special Attack and its pieces are found in the Trash Pit, it cost 3 SP, when the shell is going to Mario use DS A.png and Luigi use DS B.png. It will hit enemies ten times.

Striking two to four, five to seven, eight to nine and ten times with the Green Shell will yield an "OK!", "Good!", "Great!" and "Excellent!" rating respectively.

In Super Smash Bros. series

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Similar to its role in the original Mario games, the Green Shell is an item that can be thrown. It continues until it hits a wall when thrown or jumped on, harming characters it hits, and falls off edges it meets. It will often deal multiple hits if it rams into an opponent after he/she falls from the first hit.

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