Gray Magikoopa is an enemy featured in Paper Mario.

This form of Magikoopa is also one of the trickiest ones. Like the other forms of Magikoopas, these guys are gray and these can use their magic to attack Mario as well as strengthen one of their allies. These ones have a dangerous ability to make of their allies transparent for a turn or two, preventing all attacks from hitting them. Combined with the large amount of damage inflicted by some of the enemies within the Crystal Palace, these guys can mean serious trouble. Like all other Magikoopas, these ones can also run from combat.

Battle Statistics

Paper Mario Enemy
Gray Magikoopa
PMGMagikoopaFlying.png Max HP 11 Attack 3 Defense 0 Type Ground or Flying
Level 21 Strong None Weak None Moves Invisible Boost (makes enemy transparent), Magic Blast (3), Wand Strike (3)
Sleep? 50%, 0 Dizzy? 75%, 0 Shock? 75%, 0 Shrink? 80%, 0
Stop? 90%, -1 Fright? 40% Air Lift? 80% Hurricane? 70%
Coins 2 Items N/A Run 36 Location(s) Crystal Palace
Tattle This is a Gray Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan. Those gray robes aren't very flashy, but they're kind of cool. Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 He can use magic to make his companions transparent. We can't attack enemies that are transparent. Let's try to beat 'em before that becomes an issue, what do you say?